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Webinar: Empowering rural innovation by crowdfunding geothermal energy projects

Webinar: Empowering rural innovation by crowdfunding geothermal energy projects

The CROWDTHERMAL project aims at empowering the European public to participate directly in developing geothermal projects with the help of alternative financing schemes and social engagement tools.

The Icelandic CROWDTHERMAL partners Eimur and GEORG hosted a conference on the 14th of September in Húsavík, Iceland. (see Recording of webinar below)

The conference touched upon the topics relevant to the CROWDTHERMAL Icelandic case study, where rural innovation is an essential element in addition to the core social and financial elements that have been developed in the CROWDTHERMAL project. Icelandic speakers and international guests helped us shed the light on the interplay between geothermal energy development, rural innovation, community engagement, and crowdfunding.

Webinar agenda:
Introduction of the CROWDTHERMAL Project
Isabel Fernandez, CROWDTHERMAL coordinator 

Social Session – Moderated by Amel Barich, GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster

  • Social Acceptance and SLO in Geothermal Energy.
    Jan Hildebrand, IZES Environmental Psychology & Amel Barich, GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster
  • Stakeholder Engagement during the Development of Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant.
    Sigurður Óli Gudmundsson, Landsvirkjun National Power Company of Iceland
  • CROWDTHERMAL Icelandic Case Study
    Ottó Elíasson, Eimur cluster, utilising geothermal resources and fostering innovation in Northern Iceland

Financial Session – Moderated by Ronald Kleveraan, CFH – Crowdfundinghub

  • The Role of the National Energy Fund in Geothermal Development
    Ragnar Ásmundsson, Orkustofnun National Energy Authority
  • Investor´s perspective: The Importance of ESG
    Marta Hermannsdóttir, Eyrir Venture Management
  • Crowdfunding in geothermal energy
    Ronald Kleveraan, CrowdfundingHub
  • Do crowdfunded cookies taste different?
    Arnar Sigurðsson, East of Moon.

The event recording is now available here: