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Eimur- Sustainability innovation & design workshop 2018

During Eimur- Sustainability innovation & design workshop in 2018, 14 students from Stuttgart in Germany participated. The workshop lasted a week and the result was four presentations proposing how to better utilize the geothermal resources in the area. Each group had a designated geothermal rich area to work with and their task was to propose how to utilize in a diverse way. This included mapping the strengths and opportunities of each area and forming a proposal based on a sustainable approach.

Here are the results of the workshop. Click on the pictures to watch the presentations of the groups. 

Group 1-  Laugar

Laugar presentaion(pdf)


Group 2- Þeistareykir

Þeistareykir presentation(pdf)


Group 3- Bjarnaflag

Bjarnaflag og Reykjahlíð presentation(pdf)


Group 4- Húsavík

Húsavík presentation(pdf)