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About Eimur

EIMUR is a public-private partnership/cluster focused on energy, geothermal resource utilization, and innovation in Northeast Iceland. 

The key partners behind EIMUR include Landsvirkjun (The National Power Company of Iceland), Norðurorka, Orkuveita Húsavíkur, SSNE (The Association of Municipalities in Northeast Iceland), and the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Climate. Additionally, EIMUR collaborates with other various stakeholders including the Iceland Geothermal Cluster, the Icelandic Tourism Cluster, and the Regional Development Agencies.

The purpose of the co-operation is to support the economy and to increase the value of the region, its goods and resources, with an emphasis on sustainability, green solutions, innovation ad technology.

The core objective of EIMUR is to foster collaboration and leverage the region's strengths and knowledge by acting as a facilitator; bridging the gap between individuals, companies, and institutions in the area.

On one hand, EIMUR focuses on the broader landscape by promoting knowledge transfer, participating in international funding to bolster experimentation, research, and development of energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions and to establishing strong international connections.

On the other hand, EIMUR works closely with local entrepreneurs and grassroots initiatives, emphasizing community ingenuity and innovation. The overarching goal of EIMUR is to develop the region into a vibrant and thriving entrepreneurial community.