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About Eimur

EIMUR is a public-private partnership/cluster in the field of energy, increased utilization of geothermal resources and innovation in Northeast Iceland. Behind EIMUR are four founding members; LandsvirkjunNorðurorkaOrkuveita Húsavíkur and Eyþing (Association of municipalities in Northeast Iceland). Also part of EIMUR are Iceland Geothermal Cluster and the Icelandic Tourism Cluster, along with the Regional Development Agencies. 

EIMUR is a three year project and have the founding members entrusted EIMUR with 100 million ISK in capital to enable EIMUR to reach its goals.

EIMUR's main goals are to:

  • Encourage increased value creation with strong support to innovation.
  • Encourage better energy resource utilization.
  • Encourage increased knowledge on the interaction of society, environment and economy. 
  • Strengthen the region's abilities to take on challenges and help make the region a leading one when it comes to the interaction of energy, environment and society with sustainability and value creation as a guiding light. 

There are a lot of geothermal resources in Northeast Iceland and as this project comes along we will add more and more information on geothermal resources in Northeast Iceland, but until then we recommend checking out the National Energy Authority's geoportal.  



Project management