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Eimur participates in Iceland Innovation Week

Eimur participates in Iceland Innovation Week

Eimur proudly participated in the Iceland Innovation Week for the second time last week. Our event, held in collaboration with the national power company, Landsvirkjun, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate, Blámi from the Westfjords, and Orkídea in South Iceland, focused on the theme of "Energy for Innovation."

The spotlight of the event was firmly fixed on natural-resource-driven innovation. Eimur, Blámi and Orkídea share a common goal: to optimize resource utilization within their respective regions while promoting and supporting innovation driven by green energy and the circular economy. Moreover, they aim to facilitate the vital transition towards sustainable energy practices in rural Iceland. Iceland is a hub of ingenious ideas for innovation, energy transition, and the circular economy. Our journey towards achieving ambitious sustainability goals necessitates unwavering support for innovators armed with brilliant concepts on how to harness the abundance of resources that span across every corner of Iceland.

Eimur's participation in the Iceland Innovation Week underlines the projects commitment to driving progress and fostering a sustainable future. By empowering innovators and leveraging Iceland's wealth of resources, Eimur aims to contribute significantly to the country's journey towards achieving its sustainability goals.

The event was live-streamed and can be accessed here.