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Eimur- Sustainability innovation & design workshop

The Eimur- Sustainability innovation & design workshop has been run twice since May 2018, The aim of the workshop is to find ways to better utilize the geothermal resources in the area. Students are divided into each assigned a geothermal rich area to work with and their task was to propose how to utilize in a diverse way. This included mapping the strengths and opportunities of each area and forming a proposal based on a sustainable approach.

Summerschool 2018

In 2018 14 students from Stuttgart Media University attended the workshop. Here are the results of the workshop. Click on the pictures to watch the presentations of the groups. 

Group 1-  Laugar

Laugar presentaion(pdf)


Group 2- Þeistareykir

Þeistareykir presentation(pdf)


Group 3- Bjarnaflag

Bjarnaflag og Reykjahlíð presentation(pdf)


Group 4- Húsavík

Húsavík presentation(pdf)



Summerschool 2019

In 2019 Iceland University of the Arts joined the workshop and the number of students was increased to 29. Like before, the students were divided into groups, each assigned a geothermal area to work with. The results can be seen here below.

MAGMA- Museum About Geothermal and Magma Activities




Volcanic oasis