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Eimur is a part of an international research project called Crowdthermal but the project is funded by EU Horizon 2020. In 2017, 17.5% of EU total gross energy consumption came from renewable energy sources, of which only 3% corresponded to geothermal energy. Utilization of geothermal energy is little in Europe despite its huge potential, for example district heating networks like in Iceland.

The main goal of the project is to encourage the European public to participate in the development of projects related to utilization of geothermal with the help of alternative financing schemes and social engagement tools.

Three case studies where launched regarding the project. One in Iceland, another in Hungary and the third in Spain. The Icelandic case study is related to a community greenhouse in Húsavík. 

The role of Eimur in the project is to develop and form a business and residual model for the community greenhouse. The greenhouse is meant to be a showcase about how geothermal energy can be utilized and in the same time strengthen the area, innovation and job opportunities.

The other case studies are about the installation of a district heating network in Szeged in Hungary and utilization of geothermal for heating and cooling in a cooperative in Madrid, Spain